Bot is not working

i am trying to send mail through automation,I have created the business process and scheduled it in control tower.The testing i have done in every 20 minutes works perfectly.The scheduling is showing that the bot is started but it is not sending any mail.I can’t check whether it is working or not because i had to do it in a server.

@sonali_parida what is the status of the business process? Does it show any errors in the event log?


no it is not showing any kind of error.

Hi @sonali_parida
sorry for delay.

So the BP is marked as completed successfully, but it doesn’t send the email?

@ashapkina Yes.It does not.

@sonali_parida can you log into server or connect to it via RDP to see how the business process is executed and on which stage it stops to do the actions?

@ashapkina yes we have tried and tested from server. The testing for 1 hr or 15 minutes works perfectly but while we are scheduling it for a daily basis scheduling it is not working.