Bot loosing focus inside a For Loop


Hi ,

I have a nested for loop, the Bot looses focus after the second forloop.Unable to bring back focus even with a Mouse clip on a image.


@APadmanabhan3 - please give us the screenshot of your flow and tell which application or website are you automating


Hi ,

Please find attached the screen shots, I am trying to Automate Item creation in Oracle Ebsuiness suite forms(



You have 3 For Each nested loops - this cannot be applied to 2D-arrays (Table type)


Thanks, was trying to do the below steps

a) Loop by Row
b) Select Column1 of Row1 to Variable Item1
c)Select column2 of Row1 to Variable charval
d)enter Item1 in field1 and Charval in field2

Please let me know if any other method to achieve this without using for loop.could not find any other dynamic variable assignment option.


@APadmanabhan3 - please see this link -

To grab a value from a row, use the Index option. The overall code will look like this:

For Each (item) in (newtab) Table
    Enter Keystrokes (from variable 'item')  //  item has Index = 1 (or other number depending on the column order)