Bot process running slower on Control Tower

Good day,

Just want to know why my process running in Control tower is a lot slower than in RPA Recorder - When I run the process in Recorder it takes a ± 1 min and with Control tower scheduled run it takes more than 5 minutes with the same process? What can be the problem? and how do I fix this?


@wilmar_meyer2K The reason might be lack of RAM or disk space.
Could you share your PC specs: processor, free RAM and free disk space after Control Tower start?

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Thanks for the reply. Do you mean when Control tower is open and running a process, or just when its open on the web? The RPA express recorder runs very quick but control tower takes 4-5 min longer on each item in the process (Processing emails attachments info to excel)


Hi, I meant when the Control Tower is started, but not running a script yet. Could you share the RAM and disk usage at that time?

Hi there, sorry for the misunderstanding,

Only with control tower open and nothing else:



@wilmar_meyer2K Everything seems fine.
Maybe, this is related to the Switch to window issue we are discussing in another thread?
Do you have Window action in this recording?

haha, yes its me - on the other thread as well. I work with Gerhard and I replied under his thread. becuase its switch window specifc that takes very long in Control tower - :slight_smile:

Got it :slight_smile:

We have created a ticket to investigate such behavior on Control Tower. As soon as we have an update on this I’ll let you know.