Bot script not terminating bot after it has finished the execution



Hello, I have noticed an issue with exporting code to bot task on RPA Recorder. The script does not “terminate” “stop” (what ever you want to call) the Bot.

Which means every time I want to launch a new BP in ControlTower or execute a new recorder in RPA Recorder, the bot is essentially still connected to the previous execution. So I have to manually disconnected and reconnect it, using the stop start button on the Bot Manager.

Is there not a way for me to stop the bot at the end of the BP using the exported bot task code on RPA Recorder?

I hope all of this make sense.



This is not an expected behavior. Maybe your recording cannot finish properly (without an error)?

Please also tell us your version and post your recording here


I am using the version 1.1.5

How can I post my recording?


Hello @LJ-DJ,

You can attach your zipped recording straight into the message by clicking reply button, where you will see the upload button (the arrow sign). Clicking this will allow you to post anything here.
Please see the screenshot for your reference.

Best Regards,