Bot task is works in WF studio but not working in Control tower

Could anyone help me to understand why a bot task is not working in Control Tower?
I have a simple OCR bot task to get Cards attributes. It works fine in WS
After I publish it to Control Tower (local) it giving an error

Step name ‘OCR_Cards’ has failed. Reason: ‘[urn:uuid:4A919FD2FA747E311B156215956657068] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=] Error executing TemplateAction[templateName=OcrAction.ftl,id=1,name=Optional[OcrAction],parent=-1,nextSibling=2,arguments=ActionArguments[varName=[city],imageName=[http://localhost:15110/recorder-images/eb2f6ce8-6e23-42d8-a3d3-218511b77ce0/Card1-anchor-1562155138313.apng],fullImageName=[Card1.png],xsi:type=[recorder:OcrAction, recorder:OcrAction],pollingInterval=[300],active=[true],language=[English],type=[CONTROL],anchorOffsetY=[100],offsetX=[318],anchorOffsetX=[5],delay=[0],offsetY=[345],timeoutMs=[10000],width=[250],awaitTimeout=[5000],height=[44]]]’

I`ve upload source cards to the local file storage, placed links to csv file, upload csv to BP as an input data and run the process.
What this error about?

Thank you

Hi @tarzoumanian
Could you please clarify your RPA Express version?
Also, could you please go to the Results tab in the business process in which issue occurred, click on an Event log and export it to excel. And then share it here.

Thank you iostapuk, finally I understood why it was not working
My RPA robot is extracting data from image files by OCR, and if the image is not active during the extraction - this error accure.
Sorry, I can not send the Event log due to the 30 days license expiration :frowning :frowning: Yesterday was the last day…

But I will really approciate if you tell me why it happen. Is it normal that image must be shown on the screen during OCR process?

Thank you as advance


Thanks for the response! Glad that you’ve figured it out.
Yes, during OCR process the image must be shown on the screen.
By the way, license expiration is only related to usage of multiple bots and connection from remote machines to Control Tower. So the should not be any issues getting the event log:).
But as we figured out that the image wasn’t on the screen, there is no need in event logs.

Best Regards:)