Bot Task keeps repeating in control tower

I have a sequence that I am able to run perfectly as bot task in studio however when I publish that to control tower there it just keeps on repeating in endless loop. There are no error codes. How should I start debug this?

Hi @peke_robot which build of RPA Express are you using?
Does the bot task have any variables?

The version is 2.1.0. The task is opening Excel on desktop and performing some activities with that, and also performing some activities using ‘native’ Workfusion Excel-activities.

Yes there are some variables used as well.

This works if I run this as recording in Control Tower, however does not run as Groovy script (which I would want).

So you export it as a groovy script and insert in a bot task in Control Tower?

From recorder I am exporting the script to bot task and then publishing that to Control Tower as bot task.

We used to have a bug in the previous versions when if you didn’t have any variables in the recording and exported it to a bot task, it wouldn’t add export plugin at the end of the xml config, so the bot task would play infinitely on Control Tower, but it has been fixed in 2.1.0.

Check if there is export plugin in the xml config.

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Hello - that export-part seemed to be missing from the xml config. Now when I re-exported the bot task from recorder I can see that and when I published to control tower the process worked just fine! Thanks for the prompt guidance.

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Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face: