Bot tasks don't finish execution in WF Studio - IAC 10.1.6

Hello all, I am trying to run bot tasks from the config folder from a workfusion project but it doesnt move past 57% in progress. It displays the message: “Launching: Bot task is sent to input queue” … Am I missing a step?

Hi Did you manage to get the issue resolved? I’m running into the same error.

Hi Ellen,

I had to reinstall. I ran the installation as admin, and I deleted all the MSSQL instances that were originally installed or any configuration files.

Thank you I just deleted all the configurations and restarted workfusion it seemed to work. Thanks for the reply. Just putting this info out there to help anyone else with this problem in the future.

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I faced the same issue.
In my case root case was RPA Desktop 10 installation. I had v9 prior, so everything was installed on top of already existed C:\RPA folder.
I deleted C:\RPA folder, re-installed RPA Desktop and issue gone.