BP runs with no errors, but doesn't produce any output


My team and I are having issues today with business process that are scheduled to run overnight on Control Tower. The start and finish time on each script was the same, no errors were logged, and no outputs were produced.

Attached is a screenshot of the results page of a script that previously ran successfully, as well as the results page of a script run from today with no results (even though Control Tower claims the process was completed). Also attached is a screenshot of the run time comparisons between the successful run (Nov. 2) and the unsuccessful run (Nov. 5).

I tried rerunning them this morning but continued to get the same unsuccessful result. My process for rerunning is as follows:

  1. Copy the last run of the process using the three dots dropdown on the right of the process
  2. Click “Include the input data” then click the Copy button
  3. Click “Run This Process”

Please let me know if you have a solution for this, thank you!!