Browser getting auto closed after few mins of inactivity

I am opening a web portal using open website action. After opening the site I read the list of cases from a grid. We have certain logic to decide whether to work on a task in the list. some time list of task to not to work is more than 20 and hence logic takes time. During this time period browser window is inactive and browser get’s closed automatically. How can I increase the timeout for this browser inactive session.

Hi @nsemwal

Could you please send a screen shot of the code in Studio?


sure i will share the screenshot

Thanks @nsemwal

It is difficult to see the necessary detail needed to investigate your challenge using the screenshot alone.
Are you able to send the rpae file? You can remove any confidential info where need be.

Appreciate it.

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Hi Athos,

I have created a small script where we have replicated the issue. we have put a wait time of 6 minutes. Browser closes automatically before wait time gets completed. Please let me know if more details are required.

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Hi @nsemwal currently, the session timeout is set to 300 seconds, so there can be max 5 minutes in the recording without any actions.

There are two ways to avoid the session timeout in this case:

  1. Add any action in the middle of the Wait period (like mouse move, for example)

  2. Change session timeout settings in the file C:\RPAExpress\RPA\rpa-grid\hub.json

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Thanks @ashapkina That is what I was looking for .

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Hi Alesia ,

we can give any value in that notepad file to increase the timeout session period , example 3600 for 1 hour , will it wait for 1 hour to go to the next step ?