Build a script in RPA express recorder and publish to control tower



i build a script in RPA Express Recorder, it is working fine here and publish to Control tower but it is not working properly.

It shows 100% progress and everything looks good. But script is not working from control tower but it worked fine in RPA Express Recorder.

Please suggest.

Here is the script : (3.5 MB)



Your recording starts with a key combinations (CTRL + D, Win + D)

Then you try to switch to a Window without a title and do some other actions.

This might work from your Recorder if appropriate application are open and in focus but to play this from Control Tower, you need to place all your actions under appropriate:


BTW, it seems you have the 1.1.1 version - you can update to the 1.1.3


Thanks for the reply, i will get back to you tomorrow morning after checking the things which is mentioned.