Build a table of text variables

Is it possible to build a table of text strings extracted from a page/screen, to better enable loading that data into Excel?

As an example;
I want to collect the strings from a mainframe screen;

  • userid
  • display name
  • department id
  • employment start date

I have successfully been able to collect those items into 4 string variables. However, I cannot seem to write them out to Excel as rows and must first concatenate them into a delimited string, then later split them again.

Is there a more direct method to collect several variables and write them out as a β€œrow” to Excel?


you can do this in a couple of ways:

These look promising. How do I then output a list as a row to Excel?

How to store values from a string variable into a table variable? I have created a 3x3 matrix and want to store values from a string variable into this (matrix) table variable. I am unable to find it the user guides or video. Please guide.

@sk0069211JeHee You can easily do it using Expression action - append strings to lists, then append lists to a table.

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