Business Process Bot Tasks

Hello, conceptually does this work like this? See attached photo.
Each Project .rpae belongs to 1 robot and each project .rpae can be part of the workflow of a business process?

I can not do it :confused:

HI @asterizko,

have you published these recordings to Control Tower?

It should work, you just need to add bot tasks (published recordings) to the Bot Task elements in the design area.

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Hello @ashapkina, it worked!

The advice is to check that this option is open. View photo.

Now, I have another problem, I executed the business process, they finished the 3 tasks correctly, but now I can not edit that business process. Do I have to create a new one each time?

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You need to copy the business process to be able to edit it and run again

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I have an issue in my business process. In one of the bot, I have code to connect to a webservice which will create a task in client application database. When I run BP with more number of records, we are facing deadlock error as all records are accessing webservice almost at same time (difference in milliseconds). Is there any way we can modify bot properties to execute one record and after completing that record, it will take next record for processing?. Thanks in advance