Business Process exclusive access to a Node

Is there a way to enable a Business Process to run to completion on a node while preventing any other Business Processes from interrupting it?

For example, 2 Business Processes use the same windows application. Task 1 Login into application, Task 2 Perform some task, Task 3 Logout of application.

I need to prevent the second Business Process from executing on the same node until the first Business Process is complete.

Correct BP1 Task1, BP1 Task 2, BP1 Task3. , BP2 Task 1, BP2 Task2, BP2 Task3
Incorrect BP1 Task1, BP2 Task 1, BP1 Task2. , BP2 Task 2, BP1 Task3, BP2 Task3

Assume Tasks 1,2 and 3 are to complex to be be reduced to a single Task

I considered using a Sub-Process for the 3 steps (tasks), but I don’t think that would help.
I am using stateless execution to ensure all 3 tasks are completed on the same node

Thanks in advance