Business Process not running from control tower


Dear Team,

I am using 1.1.4 version and I have created a script in which I am taking data from excel and inputting in SAP system , which is working fine from RPA recorder. but script is not running from control tower after published.

Even I have tried your template (Win7_Win10_HelloWorld.rpae) also but getting the same problem.

Request you to please provide me the solution.


events_2017-08-11 03-31-32.xlsx (9.9 KB)



Thanks for reporting this issue. It appears that something is wrong with the For Each action.

We will investigate this and fix when possible.


Thanks Team, request you to please update me on my request.


@sarveshmishra, we are gonna make a patch this week, but there is a workaround for you not to wait for a new version:

You need to inspect all the For Each loops and create their temp variables in the Recorder Variables panel. For example:

For each ‘row’ in 'table’
For each ‘item’ in ‘row’

You need to create 2 string variables: row and item.


Thanks team, but still getting same error…


Dear team, can you update me on my request.


please post here your zipped recording folder


PO Creation (847.6 KB)

Please find the attachment and do the needful.


as I see, you haven’t created the item variable in the Recorder Variables panel:

But we have released a hotfix for your problem - so you can just download and install a new version - it is accessible by the same link. Thanks.


is this step compulsory for every for each loops?


not anymore. In new version you do not need to create For Each loop variables.


Dear Team,

Request you to please let me know that our data will be secured or not in workfusion RPA (like Data theft, hacking and cyber attacks).



Dear Team,

Can we publish and deploy the business process (in .exe/any other format) on users machines?




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Is this the same hotfix for the OCR issue or another hotfix release?


I create a WF script and try to push it into control tower.
It successfully publish to control tower and when i log into the control tower Business process is not displayed :frowning:

Restart WF RPA express and Also restart the services as well .


click the Advanced checkbox in the filter section and make sure all filters are disabled.