Business rules usage and limitations



Hi WF team,
Have to hit 10 different url’s and then call the respective bot to perform the action.
Is it good to use 10 different business rules with outcome1, outcome2 , …outcome10
outcome1 equals call the bot task1
similar fashion to call other different urls.
Please advise if there are any other ways i can implement this scenario using RPA Workfusion Express
Is there any limitation or slowness would be there in case of using outcome based business rules…



please add more description + your recording, business process package, screenshots


Please find the sample screenshot of the business process flow which i am trying for implementation.


Updating the screenshot


obieeenv_url.csv (184 Bytes)
input data would be of below sample data. The url i have used for representation purpose.


Seems like a valid scenario. There should be no slowness.


Thanks for confirmation.


Also can the childflows run parallel in different browser instances.


Yes, if your infrastructure contains multiple RPA Nodes. This feature is available in our flagship SPA product.


ok fine. If any exception occurs in the child bot1 flows i wanted to continue with the other childbot2 flow and etc.
So how can i handle this using the recorded child bot flow and the business process in the control tower.
Can you provide any sample for exception handling ( system exception/business expection).