Bussiness process has processing issues




I am getting following error for BP. Its not starting at all. Getting this issues.

Kindly provie any help


Dear Maninder Sodhi,

Kindly provide us with a screenshot of the error.

Best Regards,
Ainur Tokenova
Workfusion Service Desk


Hi Team,

Please find the screen shot attached


Kindly tell me why its not working on scheduled time.



Hi Team,

This became blocker for the deployment can anybody help me on this.

need to know what is the root cause for this.



@RPAx-Support can you guys help me out… our whole process is going out of sync. Any way to get the logs or something


You need to click the blue (i) icon and copy the error log here.

Also please post your zipped recording folder here



Following is the trace.

Tried to debug and finding out the problem but not allowing to generate the script or bot task.


Hi Please find the stack trace.

Exception - Stack Trace.txt (153.1 KB)


@azinchuk, kindly find the recording.

Kindly do not share.

ACPL.zip (403.5 KB)


as I can see from the error message, it is connected with a known issue when using Excel actions with If-Else or Loops.

This issue will be fixed in the 1.1.6 release.


1.1.6 … not able to solve my problem. the solution is not opening in 1.1.6


Dear @maninder_sodhi,

Thank you for getting back to us. Please specify what exactly do you mean under “opening” issue. If you can not open the recording, it’s possibly an issue with automatic migration. If that’s the case, please find more detailed information that might be very helpful here -

Waiting for your reply,
Ainur Tokenova