Call out in workfusion

we are actually trying to make a call out or a pop up where user can type input. we need to capture user input and assign to a variable.

Hi @sonali_parida!

Could you please clarify your question? What you’d like to do? Is it web-automation?

Hi @valeryia_rabchykava
No it is not a web automation.i want a dialog box in which user can type input and that input , i can assign to a variable.

So in this case you can try to use Inspector to get object selector of a dialog box window. You can read about Inspector in this guide:

Hi, @valeryia_rabchykava
Actually I want to create the dialog box itself in workfusion and it that dialog box i want to give a search box where a user can give an input by writing into the search box.

Sorry, not sure that I understand you right. You need some custom dialog box created in RPA Express, is it correct? I can provide the example from our KB for Custom action. Does it look what you need?

No i don’t want it on web application. I wanted a dialog box for desktop application.
For example : We have a CRM application and i have multiple employee details in there and an user want to see a particular employee’s details . For that i want to create a dialog box with a text field in which the user can give the particular employee’s name and press search button. Then the bot can take the user input from the text field after pressing the button and put it in one recorder variable and start searching.

Hi @sonali_parida do I understand that you need some sort of a dialogue box where the user can insert some input the bot can later use?

@ashapkina ,Yes Exactly that is what i need.

There is currently no such functionality in RPA Express.

You can vote for it in this topic

But you can achieve something similar to this using Manual tasks in Control Tower - the user can provide employee details as answers to the Manual task.

@ashapkina okay. Thanks.