Can custom script access variable in another custom script?

I am trying to define a hashset outside of a nested for each loop and add element values to hashset so that I can get unique values from element. Is it possible to access hashset variable defined in another script in a script inside loop?

Thank you.

Hi @mjana do you use custom scripts in RPA Recorder?
Or are you talking about bot task configs?

i am using custom script.

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You can access it only if in the custom script you save the hashset to a recorder variable defined in its output. Otherwise, you cannot use it in another custom action.

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but in which RDataType can we save a Hashset?

Could you share your custom script, please?

Hi ,
How to consume or transfer Bot1 list variable in Bot2
While connecting two business process i am getting this error :
java.lang.ClassCastException: org.webharvest.runtime.variables.NodeVariable cannot be cast to java.util.List