Can I copy/paste actions to other recordings?

Hi Fellow WorkFusioners,

I have a question as described in the subject.

The reason is that reusing action may greatly improve my efficiency when doing testing without messing up the original recording.

Any help?

And also some interesting issue here.
I somehow disabled “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” from my keyboard.
So, I can no longer copy paste values from actions to actions.
For instance, if in a “set constant” action, I have a value, then I can’t copy/paste it to another action in the same recording. Weird.
Now, I can only use mouse action to do copy/paste, which is a bit slow.

Any help too?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Hao,

We are planning to introduce reusable groups of actions in Q2 2018.
For now, please use this workaround to copy actions from one recording to another How can I copy recording steps from one recording to another in RPAx .

As for your second question, in what actions doesn’t ctrl+c /ctrl+v work? Did it work earlier?
We have a known issue that ctrl+c /ctrl+v doesn’t work in a number of actions in the recorder, so it might be not related to your keyboard but rather to this bug.

We have fixed the bug for the future release.

Perfect! Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
Workaround is good for now.

I’m using RPA Express now and hopeful your people would contact me so I can elevate it to SPA some time later.

Looking forward for the Q2 release!

Many thanks!

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Glad I could help.

If you are interested in SPA, you could contact my colleagues using this form and ask them any questions about SPA that you have:

Currently we can only copy paste steps within a RPAe project itself, it is not allowed to paste between different RPAe projects. Hope this limitation can be removed.

We will add this option in Q2 2018.
In the meantime, you can use the workaround from the post above.

How to copy bot process to another bot in WF Studio?
For example i have group of keystrokes used to open power point application. I want to do the same thing in another bot.

@dhaval_ka there is currently no such feature, but you can see the workaround in the post above.

Ok thanks :smile:

Hi Alesia,

Do you think we could arrange a “community webex” to show SPA with a focus on highlighting the differences, advantages and other ways of working when compared with the Express version?

I would like to understand this better for work with some of my customers.


@Bonnero Yes, very good idea.
I think we could organize a community webinar for it.

Let me talk to the team and get back to you with more details.