Can I install only RPA Express Studio on my PC?

Can I install only Studio for coexistence with other apps in the company?
Please let me know.

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Hi @tamotsu_itoieq yes, you can install only Studio on your PC.
To do it, you need to download RPA Express Starter version

Note: if you currently have the full version installed (with Control Tower), you will need to uninstall it and install the new version.

Hi ashapkina

Confirmed that minimum configuration can be installed with starter version.
However, I could not solve the problem that the VPN connection software in the company did not function due to the installation of RPA Express.
For the time being, it seems necessary to prepare a PC for RPA Express.
Thank you as always.

@tamotsu_itoieq does it work when you uninstall RPA Express?

Hi ashapkina

VPN software does not work just by uninstalling.
It will run when re-set up.
In this case, RPA Express not run bots, but Studio run.
Thank you

Can you share the name of the software?

Hi ashapkina

The company name is F5 networks Inc.
I do not know the name of the software because it is not in the current lineup.

Thank you

Thank you @tamotsu_itoieq