Can i run same recording with multiple bots


1.I recorded a flow for pushing the data present in excel to AS400.Iam running it in rpa recorder.So can i execute the same flow with multiple bots at a same that multiple records is pushed,so that i can save time.Please help me to do my poc.

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hi @hemadri_kamatham,

You can publish your recording to Control Tower as a business process and provide input data file with multiple records.

However, these records will be processed one by one because in RPA Express there is only one Bot available.

To have multiple Bots, you need SPA - please contact for more details.


Is there is any possibility to add multiple bots in CONTROL TOWER to do multiple operations at a same time.

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please see the answer above.

Can I install RPA Express in an other computer and run it?

I’m asking this because I dont know if there are any kind of license for the bot.
Then… Can I run the bot in two or three computers at the same time?



you need the SPA product for that - see

or contact

@azinchuk, Do we still have only one bot available in RPA Express 2.4 version?

Yes, the free version has 1 bot.