Can i trigger the Action flow Automatically?



Can I automate the trigger also?
As in like after every 5 mins the script should be run, kind of?

RPA Express specific Use Case

Sure, you can.

  1. Record a script in the RPA Recorder.
  2. Execute and edit this script if needed.
  3. Publish your script to Control Tower
  4. Create a Schedule for your Business Process

    Set a cron expression


Unable to Publish a Script in a Control Tower.
Using latest version of RPA I.e 1.1.3
Nothing happening after clicking on Publish to Control tower button or on As business Process button.


Is it running?
any errors?


No Errors , Not running


then run your Control Tower


Already running

  • Control Tower was not running
  • now it is running
  • you can publish your recording now

Do I understand you right?


No its already running, then I have restarted all the components, still nothing is happening when I am clicking on Publish to control tower button.

Is there any other way to Publish the script in Control Tower?

Have attached the Screenshot of my Workfusion Tray please have a look at it
Does Control Tower also shows the indication as (running)?


Is RPA Express is still in a development phase?
Is this beta version is just for Testing purpose?


There should be some error, if publish failed
Please show it
also, send .log file from


No error.
Nothing is happening after clicking on ‘As new Business Process’ button

Even if I try to ‘Stop’ the Control Tower, it is not stopping.
And in the previous version when we start the Workfusion for the first time, the CT and OCR is stopped by default and we need to manually start it.
but here in my case it get started automatically.



Would you like to know where or how can I put my recording to run automatically? in the Control Tower? how do I do this?


Hi @raribeiro!
Please see post#2 for instructions on automating the action flow and the trigger.

Also, next time make sure to check out WorkFusion Forum Guidelines so as not to create duplicate topics.

Nataliya Kirychuk
WorkFusion Service Desk