Can not use Get Column in Excel

Hi, In excel I cannot use the get column order for getting data from a formulated column. Only in the same excel sheet, the get column order can be used between the linked formulated columns, while working with 2 or more workbooks it is not used. Is the only way for this problem copying and pasting the data to somewhere else?

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Hi @civo could you share an example of excel files that you need to use and which data you need to get from which file?

Hi @civo do you still have this issue?
Please provide more details if you do.

Hi @ashapkina,

I think my problem is the same as this one that I found on forum : Extract data from one Excel data table to another

I tried every step on the answer and it worked! However I could not understand why A1 column should be the default one. At first I selected B0 then C0 and B1 and C1 as default and nothing worked, then I selected A1 as the default column and it worked! What is the logic behind it? Should I always select A1 as the default column in those kind of tasks?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

What do you mean by default column? The column index in Gel column action?

no, after opening a new excel file while setting cell value: Extract data from one Excel data table to another in the link you can see that it says "open new excel file (the default position will be A1)

The default active cell depends on what cell was active when you closed and saved the Excel file.
In the example above it is A1, but if the cell D1, for example, was active when you closed the file, it will be default active call when the bot opens it in the script, and if you have an action to set cell value in the cell below, it will be set in cell D2.

okayy thank youu @ashapkina :))