Can RPA express read property files?


Can RPA Express has the feature to read property files, which defined the environment related values? Similar like java read property files


@ryanyu_liuHiDW Yes, you can read them using Read File action, save the contents to a variable, and then extract the data you need using Text actions.


Thanks @ashapkina this is really good info for me


@ashapkina I am wondering if I can put the property file in project, so I can use relative path rather than absolute path.
Let’s take as example, if I put it right under the RPA Express proejct, so I assuming the path to read that file is ./ I tried this, but I am failed. So I am back to you to see how we can achieve this?


@ryanyu_liuHiDW no, you still will need to use the absolute path to the file. Or you can put the path in a variable and use the variable.