Can´t run mouse click

I´m trying to mouse click on an image giving 105000 ms before perfoming the action, but the recorder just gives me the mistake: Execution failed, Reason: Error executing MouseClick Action.

When I run it with only 20000 ms before perfoming the action, it doesn´t have any issue, only when I run it with hight waiting numbers.

If that’s the only problem then you could just put a few shorter waits in a row.

Wait 20000
Wait 20000

Or, if you are waiting for something to complete you could use a While loop and wait for an “image found” to become true rather than waiting the max time all the time.

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Well, the problem is that the program was running just fine in another computer, the moment I installed the recorder in another computer, it just won´t work. I don´t want to edit all my recording because of a program mistake.

@jose_motacQiVg please try updating to version 2.0.
I tries Mouse click with 105000 ms timeout, and it executed successfully.