Can´t use variables from the secure storage in my robots

I added a few variables(passwords) in the secure storage of the Control Tower to avoid keeping them in the recorder variables as plain text for security reasons, but i cant use them on the robot. Is there any section to do this? Or any other available solution?

Is password vault currently available in RPA Express?

In FAQ I read:
RPA Express offers user/role management so visibility, access and control can be segregated amongst teams as required. There’s also a built-in password vault for connected systems and applications to limit the exposure of credentials if necessary. RPA Express also keeps an audit trail of all user actions in the system.

@lukasz_mazursi @egerolamieekoR
Using the Secure Storage is not currently available in RPA Express.
We have a voting topic for it open on the forum: Secure storage tutorails

We will remove the misleading language on the website.

Hi @lukasz_mazursi @egerolamieekoR
We have added the option to use Secure Storage in recordings in the Studio.

It is not a fully developed feature yet, and your feedback is welcome to help us improve it.