Can we compare 2 excel values at run time?


Can we compare 2 excel or tables at run time? If I have one table say column names A, B, C, D and second table day column names temp1, temp2, temp3 , temp4, temp5. Now I want to compare data from one table to another. But columns which I have to match will be defined at run time. Meaning when my bot runs, then there will be a manual task which will tell pick column A from table 1 and pick column temp2 from table 2. So after that bot compares column A value and temp2 value and then produce the result.
So my question is: Will it be possible to map two tables manually at run time?

Hello @pbhandari.
In common, yes, you can use temp variables to compare 2 columns. There is more information about how to compare different variables types in this guide:

I want to pick columns at run time, means by using manual task or by using data store. Please suggest some way where I can just give 2 columns name at run time and then bot will match data.

Hi @pbhandari.
Where are your columns stored? In website or in Excel, for example?

I have columns stored in table variable. So there are 2 tables and i want to say that take first column from first table and take 3rd column from 2nd table. and compare the values. So picking up the columns are decided on run time. So is there any option?

So if you need some manual input, you need to use manual task in this case. It means that you need to divide your script in 2 parts at least. The first one will get necessary columns and their values (and other logic if necessary). Then you can provide what columns the bot should take in the manual task (by providing column index). Then, the bot will get columns by their indexes and can process further with them.
So this is the only option do it in run time.

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