Can we extract data from PDF?

In the free version of Workfusion, can we extract data from a pdf like the way we do in the web application?
I have a pdf that needs to be filled with some details. Without using OCR, do I have any other option to develop the code, so that I have to get the entered data?
If the space is empty, I need to get blank data, else if it having some data then I should get that data.
Could you please help me out?

Hi @ravikumar177 try using XPaths to extract data from pdf

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thanks ashapkina, I will try to do that

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I opened the pdf via chrome and tried to inspect the element but i am not able to get the xpath for that particular region in pdf .how do i view as an xml file.
I tried with inspector also,but not able to get the xpath for that particular region.
I am using freeversion tool

This solution works in Firefox, not Chrome.

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