Can we get all the training videos at one place or file?

Hi all,

Workfusion is one of the easiest RPA tools if learned properly, it has the potential to become no.1 also because of its free in nature environment, code free life, feature additions, faster support & community access. So far I’m enjoying working & learning on this. A tough competitor to bigger Rpa tools Blue Prism, Ui path & Automation Anywhere indeed. :slight_smile:

Your new certifications programs are the best ie, building with rpa bots … covering all the basics but can we please get all the latest & old videos you guys posted of this at one place or in 1 file. It will save a lot of time & we don’t need to go into every damn article, guides etc…or even on youtube.

Thank you … @ashapkina @timriewe @Bonnero @azinchuk tagging some of the bigshots here :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @DesertEagle

Thanks a lot for the good feedback. :grinning:

We don’t provide the videos for download as a single file, but you can find them all on this page in the Knowledge Base

Hope it helps

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hey, I know about this, but I think some videos are missing as found during the certification n etc …am I correct?

I think all videos should be there on the page, I couldn’t find any missing ones.
Could you give an example of a video, I’ll add it to the page? Maybe, we have missed some…