Can we iterate any bot in Control Tower?

I have a bot to do some work for multiple times lets say 5 times. Can we add the repeat in the workflow of the control tower? Please let me know if we can do this. Also if we run the process from control tower is there any short cut or any option to stop the process? As I have a process of continuous switching the window and it does not allow me to stop the process going to browser and stop.
Thank you.

Hi @dhaval_ka,

You can add a Repeat loop in the recording to repeat all the actions 5 times.

Or you can use this workaround:

  • in the recording, create a variable that you will not use in the process (for example “counter” of type Number)
  • add input data in the business process with 5 records

    data-test.csv (24 Bytes)

The business process will run 5 times - one time for each record in the input data.

Ok so that means we dont have loop option in control tower. Ok thanks.

No, there is no loop option.

This will run whole business process for 5 times. But i need to run only particular bot for 5 times. And also please tell me is there any shortcut for stopping the business process running on control tower ?

@dhaval_ka if you need only 1 bot task to run 5 times, then you can use Repeat loop in the recording.

Ok thanks and do we have any shortcut to stop the business process ?

@dhaval_ka no, there is no shortcut. You can only stop it by selecting Actions - Stop in the business process.