Can we read or parse data from XML file in RPA Express


Is there any way or available plugin in RPA Express to read or parse data from XML file?


I guess NO


open it in excel and read it from there



Even if I do that , how will I access each element of a row using a loop.
I can enter only numeric value in the index field of list, that’s why I even cant take a variable and increment the index value of list to iterate it.
Probably I need to hardcode each index value of a list and fill a form, is it? But I don’t think its a complete automation then.
Any alternative?


Is there any offline utility available to convert xml to excel?



please post here the XML file you want to parse and describe your case in more details.



I cant post the xml file here, my case is like, I have to map the xml tag with webelements.
For Example :
ABC #Firstname XML tag
and WebElements(textfield) named:
Firstname : _____________
Lastname : _____________
so the content to tag Firstname(ABC) should get entered in Webelement Firstname and so on.


please rename all sensitive information in your XML and post it here.


Custom.xml (321 Bytes)
Hi @azinchuk,

PFA file.
Not exact but kind of.



No problem - you can:

  1. open your file in any text editor
  2. CTRL + A
  3. CTRL + C
  4. Clipboard to ${some_variable}
  5. Text > Substring Between


Ya but using this technique will be so vast , because the .xml file is to big to handle.
And if I use this, I need to take each and every tag into one variable and the do the mapping accordingly?.
Can you please tell me how do I apply validation or assertion for mapping. i.e: Data which is read from Firstname tag should get pasted into Firstname Textfield in Webpage else not.
Is there any way to do that?


Please help!
How do I map xml tags with Web page webelements.


You just need to know the xpath of each web element. See


Hi Sasha,
Can I hide this automation of copying from xml to clipboard?
The process of copying works in background/backend like Excel processing?
I don’t want to show it to the 3rd person to whom I am doing to demonstrate.