Can we run 4 robot simultaneously on Control Tower?

Hi Team,

I have created one action flow. And put it on 4 different machines. Now I am trying to schedule it on same time. Can we schedule 4 robots on same time, or can we run the project simultaneously on different machine?

@amol_sonavane Hi Amol, are you using RPA Express 2.0?

I am using RPA express 1.4

If you have the business process on 4 different machines and use 4 local Control Towers to run it, you can schedule them to run simultaneously.

actually I want to use one control for 4 machine. Will it work?

You cannot do it in 1.4.0.
In RPA Express 2.0 we have new deployment options that will basically allow you to do it.
It will be released later today. I will post an announcement on the forum.

Ok Ashapkina thanks

When this version will release?

Can you please tell me?

Official release is today

Ok thanks I will check :slight_smile:

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Hi Ashapkina,

I have downloaded 2.0 version. Can you please tell me how to schedule 4 bots in one control tower?