Can we use same variable in OCR to store data for each loop

I have to store review Id from review column by using OCR to a variable say “tempdata”.
means in tempdata one time :-21169144 then on next loop 21169040…

Hi Prashant,
I didn’t quite understand what the issue is. Could you please write in more details what you need to do, or post a sample recording here?

Thank you.

Hi ashapkina,
I have 3 review_id under Review column…As i am using citrix so only image processing is possible…
Now to store all 3 review_id i have to run OCR in loop. So my question is could i declare 1 variable and store review_id in each loop to that variable…

Attachment of Review column is above…

Thank you

Hi, Prashant,

As far as I understand, you will need different OCR actions for each Review ID as the space between the capture region and anchor region is different, so in this case you cannot run the ocr action in a loop. However, you can use different string variables for each OCR result, then use text actions to combine then into a list ( as shown below), and then use For Each loop for other actions you need to perform with ocr result.

Hope I understood you correctly and this helps.