Can you access excel within an excel?

Good day

I wanted to find out, is it possible to access an Excel sheet while already access an other sheet?
Or will this cause a conflict? I was able to paste a new “open excel” inside a active “open excel”

I haven’t gotten the results i want yet but I’m wondering if it because of this. Have I been wasting my time trying to adjust things that won’t actually work?

Hi @ivan.swiegers,

Could you please clarify your RPA Express version? Also are you trying to open the same Excel sheet or it’s a different sheet?

Good day

i am using the new version 2.2.2, i am trying to access two different sheets.


Hi again @ivan.swiegers,

There is no function to put Open spreadsheet within Open spreadsheet action. All Excel sheets action should be performed at the same level. So in your case, it seems like some validation problem, that’s why you were able to do this.

Anyway, you can create a topic in Feature requests for this feature.

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