Cannot add "Launch Application" in "Else" section of If-Else Conditional statement

I was trying to launch an application (notepad) if my If-Else statement reached the “Else” portion. It seems we cannot add this command to an Else statement in the “normal” manner of double-clicking on the command, or drag-and-drop?

My colleague said the way to do this is to right-click/cut the Launch command, then select the Else command and right-click/paste.

Why is this functionality working this way? Clearly it is “OK” to have Launch Application inside an else statement (or the paste would not be an option) so why can’t we add it in the “normal” manner?


Hi @Jim_Frost

Is the if-else action nested in some other action, like Open website, for example?

It is nested under Open Website. See attached.


This image shows where it would NOT insert into the Else statement directly above the Launch App command. I had to cut/paste it into the Else command directly under the Click Mouse.

Yes, the current logic of the tool is that there should be distinction between groups of actions: you cannot use excel inside web actions, or use Launch application inside Open spreadsheet.
So, Launch application should be outside of Open website action.

The way your colleague suggested is a workaround for this, but it wasn’t designed to work this way.

Let me discuss it with our team to see if there are any plans to change this logic.

OK Thanks Alesia!

I think there will always be times when we want to do something on the web, and if there is an error (or something that doesn’t meet the IF criteria) we might want to do something “else”. :slight_smile: