Cannot click a link in Internet Explorer

When clicking link in Internet explorer to Open Oracle application need java 1.6.0_7 version …it doesn’t respond while the link is clicked.

Hi @o_islam_elba1a,

Could you provide more details about your process.
Are you clicking on Xpath or image?

As I understand, it is an internal page, so you cannot share the url, but can you post the screenshot of the link you are trying to click and the action in the recorder?

Please share the screenshot of the link you are trying to click, too.

here is the html code of the link

Does it show any error?

Perhaps, the link is inside an iFrame…
Does it work when you use an XPath instead of the text?

I think the problem is here "javascript launchform(“http:…”)
as it is not normal link it is inside javascript method

this is my personal point of view

no it does not show any error

Clicks on such links work in Chrome (both by xpath and text), so it seems to be IE-related.
Can you only open the application in IE?

IE only is required

Thank you. We’ll try to investigate it.

Hi @o_islam_elba1a, we are investigating this issue.
In the meantime, you can use this workaround via Custom Script.

def customScript() {



To find out the CSS selector of the link, click Copy selector in the Dev Tools

I tried it, an error appears “Unknown function name”


@o_islam_elba1a perhaps, it has a dynamic id that changes every time you open a page. Try using some other selector, for example, class.