Cannot create an automated Installer Process?


I have created a recording in the RPA Recorder. Basically what this does, is it opens the Windows Run command, type in a location of where my installer file is located on the PC (i.e C:\My Installer\Installer.msi), and hits the enter button.

This works 100% when I replay the recording. But when I export this recording to the Tower as a Business Process, it simply would not run?

Why? Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong???

I am working on V1.1.3 Beta.





please post here your zipped recording folder



please reply when you have time




Sorry for my late reply.

I am struggling with calling a .msi file when trying to perform an installation of the software that I want to install. The installer is not a .exe but a .msi file. The “Launch Application” in RPA Express seems to work only with .exe files. So when I open the Run command line in windows (Start + Run) and try to enter the location of my .msi file in there (and press the Enter button eventually to execute the .msi file), nothing happens when I do this from a Business Process in the Tower, but when I perform the replay of my recording file, it work 100%.


can you post the recording zipped folder here?


This was the incorrect file…


Sorry… that was the wrong folder… I will send the correct one…


Webkey Password Manager 64Bit.rar (8.1 KB)

This is the correct one! Sorry for sending the incorrect one at first.


Try to do the following in the action #4:

  • select the Enter Window tilte or part of title option. You can even type there one work “Webkey”
  • set a delay before this action (for example 9000 milliseconds)

If nothing helps, post here your Control Tower logs (


No, that is not where the problem is… The problem comes in at step # 2. I want to type the location of my .msi installer and hit the enter button to initiate the installer. It works 100% when doing the playback, but from the tower, nothing happens when I execute the business process…


Then try to escape each slash:

C:\\Parsec Software Automation\\01_Installation Software\\03_Webkey\\Webkey_Password_Manager_V1_01_x64.msi


Haha! Dude, you don’t know what you are talking about!

Just kidding!!!

Your solution worked 100%!!!

Thanks so much! It seems to be working fine now. It opens the Run command in windows, types the location and starts the install of my Webkey app!

Wow, thanks! It is much appreciated!