Cannot get to the correct row in excel

Hello everyone!
I am trying to get to check if the elements in a row are matched to some words and hence get the first cell value of the matched row. However, I am not sure if it is the For Each Loop problem or Excel Problem, I cannot get the correct rows. I’ve attached the screenshot below.

I am supposed to get “Ken Soh” and “Max Lim” and put these names in column D, however, it is not working right. Anyone has any ideas how to solve this? Thank you!

@dirtygreenppt can you share your recording file to have a closer look?

project - Copy.rar (63.6 KB)
Thank you for the reply. The .rpae file and excel file are inside the zipped folder.

@dirtygreenppt I updated your script a little bit - it should work correctly now.
test6.rar (51.5 KB)

thank you very much!!