Cannot launch Platform monitor

since two days I cannot launch the platform monitor any more. I see the workfusion tray icon but clicking on it does not have any effect. No error message, just doesn´t do anything.
I applied troubleshooting “Platform Monitor cannot be opened” with no success. Also unistalled and re-installed the whole package (v1.2.0).
Any other idea how I could get RPAx working again?

update: uninstalled v1.2.0 and installed v1.4.0. Same problem persists.

Hi Tim, we don’t remember having such issue before.
Could you send over Platform Monitor logs: C:\RPAExpress\RPA\wfagent\logs

Hi Alesia

here they are (21.8 KB)

Kind regards

Tim, which OS do you use?

I use Windows 7 Professional
version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Compilación 7601

Problem solved. Must have been the antivirus. I uninstalled it and reinstalled RPAx 1.4.0 and now it works.
Case closed.

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just installed v 2.0 and exactly the same problem appears again. The workfusion icon is in the system tray but clicking on it does not have any effect. Antivirus active or deactivated, same result.

I have rebooted, uninstalled and re-installed 3 times by now.

Hi Tim, I have forwarded your issue to our support team. They’ll contact you directly via email.

thank you!

After I had sent various logs and detailed information to your support team and without changing anything in my PC the problem was solved by itself. This morning I could start the platform monitor as usual.

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Weird that it just happens out of the blue :confused:

But great that it was solved