Cannot load recording



I recently updated from 1.4 to 1.7 and now one of my recordings gets an execution error on launch:

“Cannot load recording file setup.rpae
Reason: Unable to read file”

Any help on this?


am doing simple Iterate List using For Each loop.
when i click on play recording it says unable to load file


@jon, @shantanuORJaga - please post your zipped recording folders here


recording-1510119944374.rar (24.1 KB)
recording-1510124705377.rar (1.4 KB)


please find the attachement with mail


Maybe this happened because your For Each loop did not contain the List as an operand.

please try to open these recordings with 1.1.7 version: _Forum.7z (24.5 KB)

If they are not opened post here the zipped content from C:\Users\%USERNAME%\workfusion-workspace\.metadata folder


when i play recording that u have given to me getting error as above

on playing second one


1 - you can change the browser or web page load timeout in action options

2 - change the image or image anchor. Or collapse all other windows, as your click was supposed to be on a desktop icon.

Anyway, your recordings now open fine


fine thank you sir ,
let me do


same error am getting i have change the image but nothing happens same problem am geting
on playing second one


I reinstalled one more time and got my recording working. But now suddenly the program wont launch. It just displays the “Sunbird” graphic


Still having this problem in 1.1.8


nvm, got it working following instructions here:


Nevermind, still having this issue on one of my recordings in 1.1.8


Set Up (366.8 KB)

Still haven’t been able to get this recording to run