Cannot run recording with list variables from Control Tower

Hi there,

I have two simple tasks which each perform the following actions:

  1. Open notepad and type in values from a list variable
  2. Close notepad

In each task the only difference is the name of the list variable (in the attached zip file, the list variables belonging to each task are ‘variable1’ and ‘variable2’ respectively). I have attempted to use an input CSV file (attached too) with column titles as variable1 and variable2.

However, whilst the process can be run for the first task, it always seems to stall before running the next task. The error code I receive is 133 and I have attached both an image and the respective error log in the form of Excel.

Error 133 seems to refer to the following cause on each occasion:

“Expected a string but was BEGIN_OBJECT at line 1 column 3”

Does ‘line 1 column 3’ refer to my input file? If so, that does not seem to make sense, as my input file only has two columns. Does anybody know what is causing this issue which I seem to be encountering consistently, no matter how I string two tasks together in the Control Tower?

Many thanks in advance.


Error Data
events_2017-11-11 01-53-35.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Tasks (enclosed in a zip file)
Test (6.0 KB)

Input Data
Test Inputs 4.csv (38 Bytes)


You need to do the following format: 51e40c82-0ca5-409a-b767-9bf76669999d.csv (102 Bytes)

Hi why is this? I have two variables in this process: variable1 and variable 2.

So with two List variables, the input file should look like this one:

_input.csv (415 Bytes)

Hi azinchuk,

Thanks for your response. I tried this but my process does not start - the progress is stuck at 0%.

I have attached the error log pertaining to this below.

events_2017-11-17 10-23-42.xlsx (9.1 KB)