Cannot run two or more bot tasks from Control Tower

Hi all,

I have published three processes as bot tasks to the Control Tower but whenever I try to incorporate them into a larger process I am only able to run the first bot task and then the process falls down shortly after.

I have error logs stemming from these issues if that would be instructive.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @john_mj_breen ,

Could you please provide us with more information?
Please send us logs, screenshots, version of your RPA.

Best regards,
Yuliya Miadzel

Hi Yuliya,

I’ve attached the logs from my process. In addition I have some screenshots. As stated, I do not believe this error is stemming from any one process but rather the act of putting them together in the Control Tower. They seem to run ok individually from the Control Tower.

I am currently using the 1.1.6 version of RPA Express.

events_2017-10-26 09-10-27.xlsx (9.0 KB)


Hi, did anyone find a resolution to this?

Maybe something with your variable names - the output variable names for task 1 should match input variable names in the task 2.

And also maybe applications from the step 1 are closed after its execution.

You need to set this property in preferences, and only then publish the recording -

P.S Make sure you have the latest RPA Express 1.1.7


Thanks for your help. How do I know what the output variable names are for a certain process? I thought only inputs were defined by the variables.

I do not have the latest version installed at present so will try to get this sorted.


all variables defined in step 1 will be sent to output and be available as input for step 2

Thanks I see.

So you can optionally use the variables that have been modified in a preceding task for forthcoming tasks, correct? Therefore even if I don’t use those outputs the process ought to still run, right?

I just tried to test this with two tasks, say A and B:

Start -> A -> B -> End

A and B have completely different variables in terms of function and labelling. Even if this is the case the process ought to run, right? As in, I don’t need to define variables in task B that correspond to variables in task A - they are passed on automatically, right?

Thank you in advance.