Cannot see cells in Excel 2010 using Inspector

Hello Alexander/Sasha,

following up on our email-conversation I have tried to inspect the target cell as advised by you. But unfortunately this didn’t worked out, our Excel (or the inspect function of WorkFusion) does not let me inspect individual cells or columns or rows: I get always the whole frame marked, please see screenshot attached (the mouse was hovering above the D:1 cell when taking the screenshot)

Here my full system spec as requested:

Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_ldr_escrow.180422-1430)
System Model: HP EliteBook 840 G3
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Version: 14.0.7208.5000 (32-bit)

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

hi Bernd,

Thanks for the information. We will try to test this on a similar machine.

BTW, can the Inspector identify other Excel controls? Ribbon buttons, menus, etc?

Hello Sasha,

yes, Ribbon Buttons (Save, Print, Print preview etc.) work, Buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar (Conditional Formatting, Sort & Filter etc.) work and Menus work mostly too, but not all: For example inspecting the “Open” Button on the “File” Tab results in “[]” (see screenshot).


thanks, we will investigate this case.

BTW is the Office 2010 widely spread in your organization?

Are you planning to move to more to modern Office versions? Or is the Win 7 the main reason?

Hello Sasha,

the IT services as well as the Software is provided by another division of our company and is the same for all employees. So yes, Office 2010 is very widespread in our company. We are in the process of moving to the cloud / Office 365, but I do not think that this will happen this year.

Kind regards

Hi Bernd,
It appears to be quite complex to order a win7 plus office 2010 from MSFT. We are in the process of purchasing it.
Meanwhile, please try to inspect your Excel using the following MSFT tool -

Hello Sasha,

thanks a lot for all your efforts, highly appreciated !

I have inspected Excel using the MSFT Tool as advised by you. I was using the MSAA Mode and the UI Automation Mode, since I was unsure which is the correct one. I clicked on random cells of the spreadsheet, but the only values that were changing in the inspect window were the “Mouse move” coordinates. All other values doesn´t changed. Please find below the exported data of the inspect tool and attached also the respective screenshots.

Kind regards

How found: Mouse move (803,238)
hwnd=0x00020D2E 32bit class=“EXCEL7” style=0x56CF0000 ex=0x300
ChildId: 0
Interfaces: IEnumVARIANT IOleWindow IAccIdentity
Impl: Remote oleacc proxy
AnnotationID: 010000802E0D0200FCFFFFFF00000000
Name: Book1
Value: [null]
Role: client (0xA)
State: focused,focusable (0x100004)
Location: {l:0, t:177, w:1920, h:851}
Description: [null]
Kbshortcut: [null]
DefAction: [null]
Help: [null]
ChildCount: 7
Window: 0x20D2E
FirstChild: Vertical : window : focusable
LastChild: Sheet Navigation Bar : client : normal
Next: [null]
Previous: none : title bar : focusable
Left: [null]
Up: none : title bar : focusable
Right: [null]
Down: [null]
Other Props: Object has no additional properties
Children: Vertical : window : focusable
Horizontal : window : focusable
none : window : focusable
none : window : focusable
none : window : focusable
none : window : focusable
Sheet Navigation Bar : client : normal
Ancestors: Book1 : window : focused,sizeable,moveable,focusable
none : client : focusable
none : window : focusable
Microsoft Excel - Book1 : client : focusable
Microsoft Excel - Book1 : window : sizeable,moveable,focusable
Desktop : client : focusable
Desktop : window : focusable
[ No Parent ]

UI Automation
How found: Mouse move (1044,351)
hwnd=0x000A0B62 32bit class=“EXCEL7” style=0x56CF0000 ex=0x300
RuntimeId: [42.658274]
BoundingRectangle: {l:-10 t:145 r:1930 b:1038}
ProcessId: 11984
ControlType: UIA_PaneControlTypeId (0xC371)
LocalizedControlType: pane
Name: Book1
HasKeyboardFocus: TRUE
IsKeyboardFocusable: TRUE
IsEnabled: TRUE
ClassName: EXCEL7
IsPassword: FALSE
NativeWindowHandle: 0xA0B62
IsOffscreen: FALSE
FrameworkId: Win32
ProviderDescription: [pid:9888,hwnd:0xA0B62 Main:Nested [pid:11984,hwnd:0xA0B62 Annotation(parent link):Microsoft: Annotation Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll); Main:Microsoft: MSAA Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll)]; Nonclient:Microsoft: Non-Client Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll); Hwnd(parent link):Microsoft: HWND Proxy (unmanaged:uiautomationcore.dll)]
Transform.CanMove: TRUE
Transform.CanResize: TRUE
Transform.CanRotate: FALSE
LegacyIAccessible.ChildId: 0
LegacyIAccessible.Name: Book1
LegacyIAccessible.Role: client (0xA)
LegacyIAccessible.State: focused,focusable (0x100004)
IsDockPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsExpandCollapsePatternAvailable: FALSE
IsGridItemPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsGridPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsInvokePatternAvailable: FALSE
IsLegacyIAccessiblePatternAvailable: TRUE
IsMultipleViewPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsRangeValuePatternAvailable: FALSE
IsScrollPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsScrollItemPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsSelectionItemPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsSelectionPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsTablePatternAvailable: FALSE
IsTableItemPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsTextPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsTogglePatternAvailable: FALSE
IsTransformPatternAvailable: TRUE
IsValuePatternAvailable: FALSE
IsWindowPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsItemContainerPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsVirtualizedItemPatternAvailable: FALSE
IsSynchronizedInputPatternAvailable: FALSE
FirstChild: Vertical pane
LastChild: Sheet Navigation Bar
Next: [null]
Previous: [null]
Other Props: Object has no additional properties
Children: Vertical pane
Horizontal pane
(null) title bar
Sheet Navigation Bar
Ancestors: pane
Microsoft Excel - Book1 window
Desktop pane
[ No Parent ]



Thanks for your active feedback.

So even MSFT tools cannot identify cells in Excel 2010. So there is no short-term solution.

We will investigate how to get the cell info in other ways but this might be tough.

So for this old version you can do:

  • prebuilt excel actions
  • key combinations
  • create some macros and run them using recorder

Hello Sasha,

thanks a lot for your investigations, we will use the prebuilt excel actions and key combinations as advised by you.

Kind regards