Cannot start OCR after installing 1.1.3



Report sent.

Restarted computer and retried, cannot launch OCR. Bot and Control tower is ok.

the license is still the previous license. could this be the problem?


Same issue here not able to start the OCR. Please let me know what should be done.

Harshit Jain


I am also facing the same issue. Please help.


@Harshit_Jain, @Qi_Zhou_Singtel, @rajeswari_ml

Please re-download and re-install RPA Express 1.1.3 as it has had the issue preventing OCR from start. Now it’s fixed.
Sorry for inconvenience.


I’ve re-installed 1.1.3 and I’m still getting the message “Failed to execute OcrAction”


Yes the issue is solved now. Thank you.