Cannot use some keystrokes


Hi Team,
I am unable to Use Ctrl+c , Ctrl+v, Ctrl+a, Ctrl+s. Rest all keystrokes are working fine. Can anyone please help me on this.

Subhadeep Choudhury


Hi, @Subhadeep_Choudhury1, can you, please, clarify where it does not work in your case?
A screenshot might also help


Enter Keystrokes is not working for me in any of the Scenario. Any combination of Ctrl + * is not working. Please find attached the Screenshot.

Subhadeep Choudhury


Hi, @Subhadeep_Choudhury1,
try to provide a key combination that you need, in “Enter Keystrokes”, and then click “Save”, instead of pressing enter, because it replaces your key combination with “Enter”

If that is not your case, please run script 1 more time, and if there will be an error, please attach a screenshot of an error and log files, which cand be found in

please, attach .log and rpa-playback.log



I have provided the Combination of the Keys and Clicked save. But its not working on any of the Dell Laptops. Even some of my colleagues are facing same issue.

Subhadeep Choudhury


@Subhadeep_Choudhury1, do any other actions work in your case?
And what about “Type text” in Enter Keystrokes?

Please, attach logs, i mention above. That might help to solve your problem


I was able to use it without any issue.