Can't click on Xpath


I want to click on Xpath (deviation mark) but I can’t. What’s wrong?

@masanori_miwa what error do you get when the mouse click fails?

I don’t get any errors, but I can’t click by Xpath.
My Xpath is wrong?

And I also can’t use click by position…My RPA versionis 2.0 though…

What browser do you use?
If you don’t get an error how do you know that it doesn’t click?

To use click by position in a browser, you need to switch to it using Window action before the click.

I use Google chrome.
If that place was clicked diviation table is sorted.
But never sorted.

Please tell me the specially solution!

Try using a double click or click two times. You can also try using option Text and click on Deviation.

I already tried many times clicks but I can’t. What is Text and click?

There is an option to click on Text


Thank you but I couldn’t click…
Do you have another ideas?

And I wanna know how to use click by position.


Thank you for your quick response but I can’t…

Can I use like this?

Window action needs to be outside the Open website action, not nested inside it.
Also, on your screenshot, the Window action is blank, you don’t switch to any window. You need to specify the name of the window in order to switch to it.

Thank you very much for your support!
And I found the problem about Xpath. I couldn’t click by Xpath because the character was too small.

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Glad I could help :grinning: