Can't create Variable in RPA Express v 1.4.0-Beta

I can’t create a Variable. Looked at the Help and I’m doing what it says. although in Help the + sign is at the top of the Recorder Variables window and for me I see a + at the beginning of a blank row. I click that +, type in a name like CaseNum and then if I either click on the Type field or hit enter, my variable disappears.

Is there another version I can download that is not Beta and doesn’t have this bug? If so, how do I install that without losing my recordings?

Hi Thomas,
I don’t think it has something to do with a bug.
You cannot name a variable CaseNum - only lowercase letters, numbers and underscores are allowed in the name. The name must be highlighted in red when it is not allowed.


Thanks for the quick response - problem solved!

It would help if you would change the info box that pops up when you hover over the little X next to an incorrect item. Right now it says “Name can only contain letters, numbers, and underscore.” It should be “Name can only contain lower case letters, numbers and underscores.”

Also, FYI red’s not a good trigger that something is wrong for the 8% of males that are red-green color blind like me.

@hoglundtw glad it got resolved. Sure, we’ll improve error notifications.