Can't delete secret vault values

I’ve read the KB, but i couldn’t understand about master password.

I need to edit/delete the secret vaults, but the password is keep not working even with password of control tower.

could you please explain what it is?

Hi @jayj.j which version of RPA Express do you use?

I found the topic of default password for secret vaults and resolve the problem

This info seems not in KB, where can we get the info?

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Did I understand correctly that you use one of older versions of RPA Express where you need to use the default password?

Could you provide more detail, so we change the KB page correctly?

hi, i have same question. my workfusion version is v. r.ce1b7c24.
I am Admin of control tower. I am able to create, delete entries, however when i edit its asking for master password. What it is? i tried with control tower password, but it did not work. even PASS did not work.

Hi @skrishnan you are SPA, right?
Not RPA Express?

yes its SPA

In SPA, the master password is set up during the installation. You should have received it from those who installed SpA, I guess, your dev ops team.

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