Can't open Control Tower in 2.2.1 WorkFusion RPA Express

Hi, I can’t open Control Tower. It is also not available in Quick Access (Components Tab is also not available).
When I try to publish to Control Tower I have error: Check your connection or check if control tower is running.
I tried to do recommedations from, but they didn’t help.
Logs are in attachment.
logs.rar (72.3 KB)

Hi @MarinaK
Could you please clarify, which version did you choose during download:

If you chose Free version, then you shoudn’t have Control Tower.
If you want version with Control Tower please choose Free Trial.

Thanks for answer.
I chose Free version. Then how can I use bot on schedule without Control Tower? Is it possible?
How long is trial period?

Hi @MarinaK

In Free version there is not option to put bot on schedule, as Schedule works only in Control Tower. You can just uninstall Free version and install Free Trial.
Trial period is 30 days, but even after it ends you’ll be able to use RPA Express functionality but with some restrictions.
Here you can find what happens after trial expires -

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