Can't open scripts after update

Greetings experts,

After updating my software, I can’t open any of my scripts as it shows this error

Attached here was the folder I of my RPA file: (1.6 MB)

Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @ham,
Try this troubleshooting from our Knowledge Base -

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@iostapuk Hi, thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

I have tried attempting to fix it using the instructions from the link provided. However, now it is showing this

Hi @ham,

Are you sure you’ve changed version to the proper one?
You can check RPA Express version via Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features , see the example below.

And then write in down to the recording using text editor as described here -

@iostapuk Hi, I have tried again but it doesn’t work… Can you try it out on your computer and send it here if you managed to correct it? I have attached a zip folder above which contains the file

@ham And what version of RPA Express do you have?

@iostapuk I have this version

This problem only occurs for scripts which I used to run for my SAP ERP system. In the first place, all the integration of scripts except for those related to automating my SAP processes were successful.

Migration error occurs for robots that use OUTLOOK.

V230Migration_error_detail.txt (45.8 KB)

The message is to fix it with a text editor, please tell me how to handle it.

Thank you

@tamotsu_itoieq try changing the recording manually using the solution above.

@ham I have changed the recording manually. Please try opening it (1.6 MB)

Hi ashapkina

Thanks for the support.
I solved it based on the knowledge base. I was surprised it was too easy.

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@iostapuk @ashapkina @tamotsu_itoieq Thank you everyone for all the advice and help given! :slight_smile:

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@ham @tamotsu_itoieq glad we could help